On December 6, 2016, the Board of Governors approved the amendment of Policy #26 (Designation of Acting Administrative Heads of Unit) and the consequential amendments of Policy #22 (Appointment and Extension of Appointments for Heads of Academic Units), Policy #23 (Extension of Appointments for Deans and Principals), Policy #24 (Extension of Appointments for Designated Senior Academic Administrators), Policy #34 (Appointment and Extension of Appointment of Administrative Vice-Presidents), and Policy #43 (Extension of Appointments for Registrar and Librarians).

The amendment of Policy #26 and consequential amendments of the specified Board policies pertaining to the extension of appointment for certain senior positions (the “Extension Policies”) reconcile a number of inconsistencies amongst existing Board policies with respect to pro tem and acting appointments. The amendments consolidate the designation of acting administrative heads of unit for temporary absences within Policy #26 and retain the provisions with respect to pro tem appointments for vacancies of positions within the Extension Policies. In addition, the process within Policy #26 has been updated to reflect current practice and the language has been clarified to provide greater guidance and clarity for both the individual making the designation and the designate. Policy #26 was formerly called Acting Administrators in Cases of Absence.

A copy of amended Policy #26 is available at https://universitycounsel.ubc.ca/files/2016/12/policy26.pdf. Copies of the Extension Policies are available at:

Policy #22 — https://universitycounsel.ubc.ca/files/2016/12/policy22.pdf
Policy #23 — https://universitycounsel.ubc.ca/files/2016/12/policy23.pdf
Policy #24 — https://universitycounsel.ubc.ca/files/2016/12/policy24.pdf
Policy #34 — https://universitycounsel.ubc.ca/files/2016/12/policy34.pdf
Policy #43 — https://universitycounsel.ubc.ca/files/2016/12/policy43.pdf