The UBC community is invited to comment on a new draft of proposed Policy #131 – Sexual Assault and Other Sexual Misconduct.

The initial draft of this policy was issued in June 2016, and a UBC community consultation period was held from June to October 2016. Key themes that emerged from the feedback included the need for a central support office, and the need for a separate and distinct investigatory process.

As a result of that feedback, as well as the new BC legislation (the Sexual Violence and Misconduct Policy Act), a number of significant changes have been made to the draft policy. Given these changes, the university is once again inviting the UBC community to provide feedback. You can view the new draft of the policy online at https://universitycounsel.ubc.ca/files/2017/02/Proposed-Policy-131-Feb-2017.pdf.

The new draft policy retains some of the key aspects of the earlier version, such as:

  • The principles and commitments UBC will follow
  • Definitions for key terms such as ‘sexual misconduct’, ‘consent’, ‘disclosure’, ‘report’
  • Details of UBC’s support services and accommodations
  • UBC’s commitment to confidentiality and privacy, and information about when UBC might be legally obligated to protect or disclose personal information

And as a result of feedback received on the initial draft and the new BC legislation, the new draft policy now includes:

  • A broader scope, to cover all forms of sexual misconduct
  • A description of UBC’s new Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Office and the services it will provide
  • Procedures setting out a separate and distinct investigatory process to address reports of sexual misconduct

We encourage the UBC community to provide comments on this new draft of Policy #131 – Sexual Assault and Other Sexual Misconduct. Please submit feedback through the Office of the University Counsel at university.counsel@ubc.ca or through this confidential feedback survey form https://survey.ubc.ca/s/policy131consultation2017/ by March 14, 2017.

For more information and updates on the policy’s development and the sexual assault action plan: http://equity.ubc.ca/sexual-assault-policy-development/

Consultation Process

The consultation process will run from February 14, 2017 to March 14, 2017, and will include two public information sessions, one on the Vancouver campus on February 28, 2017, and one on the Okanagan campus on March 6, 2017. You can find full details at http://sexualassaultresponse.ubc.ca/.


As UBC works to improve its policies and processes, there are resources available on campus and in the community should you need assistance for yourself or for someone you know.

For Vancouver students: http://students.ubc.ca/livewell/topics/sexual-assault-support-student-survivors

Okanagan students: http://students.ok.ubc.ca/sexual-assault.html

Faculty and staff: http://www.hr.ubc.ca/health/safety/sexual-assault-resources/


If you have questions about the policy or how to participate in the consultation process, please contact university.counsel@ubc.ca.