Publicly Available Information

The following are links to some of the commonly requested information on the UBC website:

Revised FIPPA Release of Records Regarding UBC Leadership Transition

Click here to view records produced in response to a series of requests under the FIPPA triggered by Dr. Arvind Gupta’s resignation of his appointment as President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of British Columbia.

UBC Animal Research

Click here to view information about animal research at UBC.

UBC Annual Summaries of Student Discipline Cases

Click here to view annual summaries containing student discipline cases.

UBC Access to Information Requests

Click here to view quarterly summaries of access to information requests received by UBC.

UBC Board of Governors’ Minutes and Agenda Packages

Click here to view copies of the UBC Board of Governors’ minutes and agenda packages from 2010 to the current year.

UBC Facts and Figures

Click here to view facts and figures about UBC.

UBC Financial Reports

Click here to view commonly requested financial reports produced by UBC.

UBC Information Technology Projects

Click here to view information about current large IT projects and access the IT Projects Archive.

UBC Infrastructure Development

Click here to view information about current infrastructure development projects at UBC.

UBC Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

Click here to view all policies passed by the Board of Governors along with the policies’ associated procedures and guidelines.

UBC Research Information

Click here to view information about research at UBC.

UBC Salaries in Excess of $75,000

Click here to view the Schedule of Remuneration and Expenses Paid to Employees for the Year Ended March 31, 2018.

UBC Strategic Planning Reports

Click here to view the website for UBC’s Planning and Institutional Research Office (PAIR), which produces reports, statistical information and advice in support of strategic planning and decision making at UBC.

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