Policy Consultation – Proposed Amendments to Certain Board Policies on Appointments and Extensions

The UBC community is invited to comment on a proposal to amend the following Appointment and Extension Policies:

  • Academic Administrators Extension Policy (AP6)
  • Deans Extension Policy (AP8)
  • Academic Heads Policy (AP9)
  • Registrar/Librarians Extension Policy (AP13)

The proposed amendments fall into four categories, as follows:

  1. One set of amendments, proposed to the Academic Administrators Extension Policy, provides more specific direction for the composition of Advisory Committees for extension of Academic Vice-Presidents and the Vice-President, Research and Innovation, as follows:

(i) the faculty member(s) to be appointed from the members of the Board of Governors to Advisory Committee(s) for the extension of Academic Vice-Presidents must be from UBC Okanagan or UBC Vancouver, as applicable; and

(ii) at least one of the three members to be appointed by the Chair(s) of Advisory Committees for the extension of the Vice-President, Research and Innovation from the members of the Board of Governors, must be a faculty member.

  1. The second set of amendments includes the Vice-President, Health in the definition of “Academic Vice-Presidents” in the Academic Administrators Extension Policy.
  2. The third set of amendments clarify and streamline the process for electing members of Advisory Committees in the Deans Extension Policy, the Academic Heads Policy, and the Registrar/Librarians Extension Policy. The proposed amendments expressly set out that the Registrar is responsible for the conduct of elections (except in the case of the Registrar’s extension, where the Co-Chairs of the Advisory Committees will be responsible), and provide that if no individual is elected by the end of an election process, the Chair(s) of the applicable Advisory Committee may appoint the requisite number of members from the applicable constituency. This allows Advisory Committees to be created without undue delay or restrictions in circumstances where, for example, no nominations or votes are received.
  3. The last set of proposed amendments apply to the Academic Administrators Extension Policy and the Academic Heads Policy, and correct out-of-date references by (i) clarifying the application of the above-noted Policies in respect of the Dean of the UBC Okanagan College of Graduate Studies; (ii) updating the definitions of “Dual-Campus Faculty”, “UBC Okanagan Faculty”, and “UBC Vancouver Faculty” to reflect the establishment of the Faculty of Education as a dual-campus faculty effective July 1, 2018; and (iii) including definitions for the “UBC Okanagan Division” and the “UBC Vancouver Division.

The proposed amendments are now being published and all members of UBC’s community are encouraged to provide their comments. Please submit feedback to the Office of the University Counsel at university.counsel@ubc.ca by April 30, 2020.

For further information about the proposed amendments, please see blacklines showing the proposed amendments to these Policies here.