Policy Consultation – Proposed Policy GA2 (Regulatory Framework for the Administration of Board Policies and Procedures)

The UBC community is invited to comment on the Proposed Policy GA2 (Regulatory Framework Policy) and its related procedures (collectively, the “Policy Proposal”). The Policy Proposal amends and renames the former Policy #1 (Regulatory Framework for the Administration of Board Policies and Procedures) now Regulatory Framework Policy. The Policy Proposal provides a comprehensive framework for the establishment, review, and administration of Board of Governors (“Board”) policies and procedures (“Board Policies and Procedures”) and rules and guidelines related to Board Policies and Procedures (“Rules and Guidelines” and together with Board Policies and Procedures, “Board Policy Documents”). More particularly, the Policy Proposal:

  1. confirms the purpose and nature of each category of Board Policy Documents;
  2. sets out standards for the establishment, review, amendment, or repeal of Board Policy Documents;
  3. confirms the development process for Board Policy Documents;
  4. confirms authority for approval of Board Policy Documents, and for granting exceptions to Board Policy Documents;
  5. sets out the effective dates of new, amended, or repealed Board Policy Documents;
  6. sets out the process for communication of updates to Board Policy Documents; and
  7. confirms the location of the official repository of Board Policy Documents.

The Policy Proposal sets out four categories of Board Policy Documents as follows:

  1. Board Policies are principle-based documents developed to regulate matters that are within the exclusive jurisdiction of the Board; Board Policies are mandatory in nature; the Board has exclusive authority to establish, amend, and repeal Board Policies;
  2. Procedures provide direction regarding the operational application of the Board Policy with which the Procedures are associated; Procedures are mandatory in nature; the Board has authority to establish, amend, and repeal Procedures but also delegates such authority to the President;
  3. Rules are intended to set out detailed processes and requirements that are not appropriate for inclusion in the associated Board Policy or Procedures; Rules are mandatory in nature; where the establishment of associated Rules is contemplated by a Board Policy or Procedures, the Responsible Executive for the Board Policy has the authority to establish, amend, or repeal those Rules in accordance with any requirements set out in the Board Policy or Procedures for doing so; and
  4. Guidelines are advisory publications that are intended to provide guidance as to how the associated Board Policy, Procedures, and Rules are implemented and may include illustrative examples, best practices, or recommendations; Guidelines are non-binding in nature.

The Policy Proposal enhances transparency and understanding of the method by which the Board or its delegates establish documents which provide direction to UBC members regarding a range of matters that fall within the statutory authority of the Board. The Policy Proposal also identifies those circumstances in which an action taken in respect of the administration of Board Policy Documents must be reported to the Board or the responsible Board committees. These reporting requirements ensure that the Board and the responsible Board committees have all necessary information for the proper management and oversight of the regulatory framework of the Board.

The Policy Proposal is now being published and all members of UBC’s community are encouraged to provide their comments. Please submit feedback to the Office of the University Counsel at university.counsel@ubc.ca by September 30, 2019.

For further information about this Policy Proposal, please see the information package that was provided to the Board of Governors at https://bog3.sites.olt.ubc.ca/files/2019/05/3_2019.06_Policy-1-GA2.pdf.