Policy Consultation – Policy #16 (Ownership and Use of UBC Equipment and UBC Support Services)

The UBC community is invited to comment on proposed amendments to Policy #16 (Non-University Use of University Services and Facilities).

Policy #16 was initially approved by the Board of Governors (“Board”) in February 1981 and has not been updated since. The Office of the University Counsel convened a Policy Review Committee (“Committee”), which has prepared a draft proposal.

Policy #16 governs non-university use of University equipment and support services. As a charitable organization and responsible steward of public resources, UBC acquires equipment for the achievement of UBC’s mission and purposes. Reflecting UBC’s charitable status, the Policy establishes the principle that UBC’s equipment and support services may not be used for non-UBC purposes, such as for personal purposes and business uses, unless such use is authorized by the appropriate member of the UBC administration, who shall ensure that the University is suitably compensated for any such uses.

The proposed amendments:

(a)  confirm that all of UBC’s equipment is owned by UBC, and reinforce the requirement flowing from UBC’s charitable status that all such equipment and all of UBC’s administrative support services are to be used primarily for the achievement of UBC’s academic mission and purposes;

(b)  formalize a responsible approach to the use of any excess capacity of UBC’s equipment and services, whether for purposes that advance research, knowledge exchange, collaboration, innovation, and entrepreneurship, or incidental personal purposes;

(c)  clarify the scope of the Policy and provide way-finding provisions to other related Board policies (e.g., Policy #16 excludes the use of indoor and outdoor space, which is addressed by another Board policy); and

(d)  update the Policy to recognize that retention and use of revenues generated from third party (non-UBC) use of UBC equipment and related technical services are subject to the direction of the Vice-President, Finance and Operations, while reflecting the current practice that such revenue normally is retained by the unit to whom the equipment is assigned.

The Committee recommends the concomitant repeal of Policy #109 – Ownership, and Policy #121 – Campus Mail Services, with the support of those Policies’ Responsible Executives. The proposed amendments to Policy #16 incorporate the subject matter, principles and requirements of Policies #109 and #121 and, thus, render them redundant. The amendments also include changing the name of the Policy to “Ownership and Use of UBC Equipment and UBC Support Services” to reflect its scope and align with other related Board policies.

The proposed amendments to Policy #16 are now being published and all members of the UBC community are encouraged to provide their comments. Please submit feedback to the Office of the University Counsel at by April 2, 2019.

For further information about this policy proposal, please see the information package that was provided to the Board at

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