Policy Consultation – Proposed Consolidation of Policy #28 (Casual Instruction Without Board Appointment) into Policy #25 (Board of Governors Appointments)

The UBC community is invited to comment on proposed consolidation of Policy #28 (Casual Instruction without Board Appointment) into Policy #25 (Board of Governors Appointments).

Policy #28 enables UBC to access subject matter experts for short-term instruction in order to enhance course teachings. In 1977 when Policy #28 was first approved, this type of instruction was termed “casual instruction”. The Policy Review Committee conducted due diligence and confirmed that this practice continues to exist today at both campuses under the term “guest lecturers”. The use of guest lecturers is intended to enrich the learning opportunities provided by course instructors; guest lecturers are not members of teaching staff and should never replace teaching staff.

The University Act empowers the Board to make certain appointments at UBC, including the appointment of teaching staff. To clarify that guest lecturers are not members of teaching staff and do not require a Board appointment, the Policy Review Committee recommends incorporating the provisions pertaining to guest lecturers into Policy #25.

The key elements of the proposed consolidation of Policy #28 into Policy #25 are as follows:

  1. greater guidance on situations where utilizing a guest lecturer would be appropriate, including qualitative (as opposed to quantitative) principles to be applied;
  2. responsibility for approval of a guest lecturer resides at the Faculty level, to accommodate a range of needs for specialized, quality instruction;
  3. retention of $500 benchmark for monetary payments to guest lecturers;
  4. removal of the biannual reporting requirement to the Board;
  5. for the appointments of Program Directors in Extended Learning, reference to the appointment process in the Collective Agreement between UBC and the Faculty Association. The proposed language in Policy #25 for appointment of Program Directors now mirrors the appointment language in Policy #17 with respect to librarians, for whom the Collective Agreement contains comparable language; and
  6. updates to administrative unit and position titles in Policy #25 that have changed since the last time it was revised.

The proposed consolidation is now being published and all members of the University community are encouraged to provide their comments. Please submit feedback to the Office of the University Counsel at by October 12, 2018.

For further information about this policy proposal, please see the information package that was provided to the Board of Governors at

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