Referral Protocols

The Office of the University Counsel (“OUC”) has developed referral protocols with certain client groups. These protocols provide the client group with a single point of contact in the OUC and ensures that communications are channeled through a manageable number of senior individuals within the client group. This facilitates the development of higher levels of knowledge and understanding as between the OUC and the client group, improving efficiency and service levels. An added benefit of these protocols is that they promote operational consistency within the client group and enables the OUC to take a consistent approach when provide legal services and advice to the client group.

The following protocols are currently in place:

Campus and Community Planning – updated February 13, 2019
Comptroller’s Office – January 9, 2023
Development and Alumni Engagement – updated January 18, 2024
Faculty of Medicine – updated September 23, 2020
Information Technology – updated September 25, 2020
Procurement Services  – May 25, 2021
Risk Management Services – updated March 1, 2019
Sauder School of Business – December 7, 2022
Student Housing and Community Services – updated September 14, 2022
Treasury – updated June 6, 2023