UBC Stewardship Statement

Shaping UBC’s Next Century strategic plan identifies excellence, integrity, respect and accountability as core values. These values form the foundation for a number of Board of Governors policies that establish specific standards in a variety of areas, including: financial transactions; scholarly activity; equity; and health, safety and environment.

UBC maintains sound management of its resources, including without limitation: research and teaching funds; services; real property and assets; and expects that all faculty, staff and students adhere to the highest ethical standards when engaging in UBC related activities.

Furthermore, UBC is committed to ensuring that its faculty, staff and students understand that both perceived and actual fraudulent activities damage both UBC’s reputation as a whole and the integrity of the individuals involved. UBC has zero tolerance for dishonesty, whether it involves financial or academic fraud.

UBC continues to strive for transparency and accountability by implementing a strong system of internal controls, safe disclosure and investigative procedures, and identifying its stewardship mandate in various policies and procedures, including but not limited to the following:

Financial Management

Learning, Research and Innovation

Safety, Conduct and Environment

Use of Property (Lands, Facilities, Materials, Intangible Property)