Academic Misconduct Process

All matters of discipline are dealt with in accordance with the University Act. Pursuant to section 61 of the Act, the President of the University has the power to suspend a student and to deal summarily with any matter of student discipline. Student Discipline at the University is governed by the Student Conduct and Discipline section of the UBC Vancouver Calendar and the Student Discipline section of the UBC Okanagan Calendar.

To advise the President on matters of academic discipline at UBC Vancouver and UBC Okanagan, the President has established President’s Advisory Committees on Student Discipline. The Rules for the President’s Advisory Committee on Student Discipline set out the procedure to be followed when an allegation of academic misconduct is made against a UBC student.

In accordance with the Rules for the President’s Advisory Committee on Student Discipline, the Office of the University Counsel has prescribed the following forms:

The President’s Advisory Committee on Student Discipline (Vancouver):

Dr. Mike Feeley, Associate Professor, Computer Science
Dr. Calvin Roskelley, Professor, Cellular & Physiological Sciences

Dr. Raymond Andersen, Professor, Chemistry / Earth Ocean & Atmospheric Sciences
Dr. Laura Ishiguro, Professor, History
Dr. Leah Keshet, Professor, Mathematics
Ms. Pamela Lim, Assistant Dean & Director, Undergraduate Program, Sauder School of Business
Dr. Jaymie Matthews, Professor, Physics and Astronomy
Dr. William McKee, Assistant Professor, Educational and Counselling Psychology, and Special Education
Dr. Kevin McNeilly, Associate Professor, English
Dr. Anne Murphy, Associate Professor, Asian Studies
Dr. Catherine Pang, Professor & Associate Head, Anethesiology, Pharmacology and Therapeutics
Ms. Joanne Ricci, Senior Instructor, Nursing
Dr. Gary Schajer, Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Mr. Alexander Starr, Juris Doctor, Law
Ms. Molly Sweeney Magee, Graduate Student, Medicine

The President’s Advisory Committee on Student Discipline (Okanagan):

Dr. Scott Reid, Associate Professor, Biology

Dr. Lawrence Berg, Professor, Geography
Ms. Jackie Denison, Instructor, Nursing
Dr. Diana French, Associate Professor, Community, Culture and Global Studies
Ms. Nathalie Hager, Graduate Student, Interdisciplinary Studies
Dr. Kyle Larson, Assistant Professor, Earth & Environment Sciences
Dr. Sunny Li, Assistant Professor, Engineering
Ms. Marina Lor, Undergraduate Student, Arts
Dr. Craig Nichol, Assistant Professor, Earth and Environment
Dr. Lise Olsen, Assistant Professor, Nursing
Dr. Sumi Siddiqua, Associate Professor, Engineering
Dr. Edward Taylor, Director & Acting Dean, Health and Social Development
Dr. Shawn Wang, Associate Professor, Mathematics
Dr. Greg Wetterstrand, Associate Professor, Education

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