Process for Removal of Academic Notation from UBC Transcript

Who May Apply to Request Removal of an Academic Disciplinary Notation from their UBC Transcript

The President, as part of the President’s disciplinary decision for academic misconduct, may impose a notation of academic misconduct on a UBC student’s transcript. Where the President’s disciplinary decision also expressly states that that the student may apply to the President to request removal of the notation from his/her UBC transcript after a specified time, that student (“Applicant”) is eligible to make such an application and request after that specified period of time has elapsed. For example, the President’s disciplinary decision may state that the student can apply after the expiration of two years from the date of graduation from university, or at any time thereafter (an Applicant who has graduated from a university other than UBC will be asked to submit an official academic transcript from that university as proof of eligibility).

Students who received a permanent, non-removable disciplinary notation on their UBC transcript are not eligible to apply for removal of the notation.

How to Make the Application to the President

The Applicant should provide the following materials as part of their application:

(1) Written request to the President for removal of the notation from their UBC transcript.

a. The Applicant may wish to include their position why the removal of the notation is appropriate.

(2) Current resume.

(3) Two letters of reference in support of the Applicant’s application for removal of the notation of academic misconduct.

a. The letters of reference should be addressed to the President.

b. The letters of reference should address the effect on the Applicant of the discipline process and to the Applicant’s current character in consequence.

c. The Applicant should select two individuals who are at arm’s length to them (for example, the individuals are not family members or related to the Applicant). Preferably, at least one or both of those individuals will be the Applicant’s current or former employer or supervisor since the finding of academic misconduct.

d. The letters of reference must be originals and signed by the individuals writing the letter, with their contact information included.

The above application materials should be sent via email to If the student wishes to send the materials by mail, the student should first email to obtain the mailing information.

Upon receipt of all the required application materials and confirmation that the Applicant is eligible to make the application, the Applicant will be contacted to usually schedule a meeting at which their application will be considered.

How an Application is Usually Considered

An application to the President to request the removal of the academic notation from the UBC transcript is usually referred to the President’s Advisory Committee on Student Discipline (“Committee”). The Applicant will be asked to meet with the Committee, either in person or remotely (for example, by telephone or video conference). After that meeting the Committee will prepare a report for the President for the President’s consideration. The President will subsequently advise the Applicant in writing of the President’s decision.

At the meeting, the Applicant can expect the Committee to ask questions along the following lines:

• What is the Applicant’s current view of the incident which led to the notation of discipline or academic misconduct on their UBC transcript?

• What has the Applicant been doing since graduation?

• What are the Applicant’s future plans?

The major factors the Committee usually considers are: how the Applicant has come to terms with the finding of academic misconduct and the discipline imposed, and how the Applicant has moved forward with their life since then.