Index of All Policies, Procedures, Rules and Guidelines

All policies passed by the Board of Governors which are currently in effect are listed below. You can also view the policies listed by the major headings on the left under the “Board of Governors, Policies, Procedures, Rules, and Guidelines” tab.

The Board of Governors approved a new system for identification of the policies on June 13, 2019. This new system is reflected in the Index below. This new system categorizes the policies according to subject matter, uses a combination of letters and numerical digits to identify policies, with the letters indicating the subject matter of each policy, and creates a short title for each policy. The new system provides more information regarding the content of each policy to policy users and also encourages the use of short titles instead of policy numbers to refer to policies, with the objective being to place more emphasis on the content of the policy. This new subject matter categorization system provides information about the content of policies, allows for logical categorization of policies, and provides a stable numbering system.

The new numbering system contains seven categories with each policy number having two parts, as follows: part 1 is an alpha code composed of two letters indicating the policy category; and part 2 is a digit assigned to each policy in a specific category in chronological order based on the date the policy was created, from oldest to most recent. The policy categories are the following:

The new system does not result in any substantive changes to existing policies and the change in policy identification numbers does not result in any changes to the applicability of policies referred to in any documents by the previous numbers of such policies. However, the UBC community will be able to access policies by their previous numbers for at least five years to ensure that the community has sufficient time to familiarize itself with the new system. Further, the policy formatting has been slightly revised for consistency purposes and to reduce the explanatory information on the first page of each policy. Such explanatory information is now included in explanatory notes appended to each policy. If you have further questions, please contact the Office of the University Counsel at

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Policy Name
(Short Title in parentheses)
Policy # Previous Policy # Policy Last Revised Procedures Last Revised
Appointment of Retired Faculty Members
(Retired Faculty Appointments Policy)
AP1 #27 Jun 2013 Jun 2013
Designation of Acting Administrative Heads of Unit
(Acting Heads Policy)
AP2 #26 Dec 2016 Dec 2016
Board of Governors Appointments
(Board Appointments Policy)
AP3 #25 Dec 2018
Faculty Term Appointments Without Review
(Faculty Term Appointments Policy)
AP4 #42 Sep 2010 Sep 2010
Appointment of Deans and Principals (Joint Senate and Board Policy)
(Deans/Principals Appointment Policy)
AP5 #21 Sep 2013 Nov 2007
Extension of Appointments for Designated Senior Academic Administrators
(Academic Administrators Extension Policy)
AP6 #24 Jun 2017 Jun 2017
Appointment of Graduate Students to Teach a Course Requiring a Board of Governors Appointment
(Graduate Student Teaching Policy)
AP7 #75 Feb 2012
Extension of Appointments for Deans
(Deans Extension Policy)
AP8 #23 Dec 2016 Dec 2016
Appointments and Extension of Appointments for Heads of Academic Units
(Academic Heads Policy)
AP9 #22 Dec 2016 Sep 2018
Postdoctoral Fellows
(Postdoctoral Fellows Policy)
AP10 #61 Apr 2012 Apr 2012
Appointment of Registrar and Librarians (Joint Senate and Board Policy)
(Registrar/Librarians Appointment Policy)
AP11 #17 Feb 2012 Sep 2018
Appointment of Designated Senior Academic Administrators (Joint Senate and Board Policy)
(Academic Administrator Appointment Policy)
AP12 #18 Jun 2017 Jun 2018
Extension of Appointments for Registrar and Librarians
(Registrar/Librarians Extension Policy)
AP13 #43 Dec 2016 Sep 2018
Appointment and Extension of Appointment of Administrative Vice-Presidents
(Administrative VP Policy)
AP14 #34 Dec 2016 Feb 2016
Late Payment of Fees and Accounts
(Late Payment Policy)
FM1 #67 Jul 2002 Jul 2002
(Purchasing Policy)
FM2 #122 May 2003
Cash Handling
(Cash Handling Policy)
FM3 #119 Jun 2005
Over-Expenditure on Research and Specific Purpose Trust Project/Grants
(Research Over-Expenditure Policy)
FM4 #90 Jun 2005
Endowment Management
(Endowment Policy)
FM5 #113 Apr 2017 Jan 2019
Fundraising and Acceptance of Donations
(Fundraising Policy)
FM6 #114 Jun 2015 Jun 2015
Extraordinary Expenses — Grant and Contract-Funded Employees
(Contract Employees Fund Policy)
FM7 #86 Dec 1994 Apr 2012
Travel and Related Expenses
(Business Expenses Policy) | Directive (issued Jan 17, 2019) | Expenditure Guidelines (effective Oct 1, 2017)
Travel and Other Business-Related Expenses (approved Apr 18, 2019 but not yet in force until further notice)
FM8 #83 Jun 2005 Aug 2010
Term Invested Fund Management
(Term Investments Policy)
FM9 #123 Apr 2010 Apr 2013
Retained Risk Fund for Major Construction Projects
(Retained Risk Policy)
FM10 #125 Feb 2017 Sep 2009
Capital Projects, Capital Purchases & Internal Loans
(Capital Projects Policy)
FM11 #126 Jun 2017 Jun 2017
Acting President
(Acting President Policy)
GA1 #19 Sep 2013
Administration of Policies
(Regulatory Framework Policy)
GA2 #1 Mar 1995 Mar 1995
(Communications Policy)
GA3 #96 Jun 2005
Records Management
(Records Management Policy)
GA4 #117 Feb 2008
University Archives at UBC Vancouver
(Vancouver Archives Policy)
GA5 #127 Jun 2005 Jun 2005
(Naming Policy)
GA6 #124 Sep 2009 Sep 2009
Visual Identity
(Visual Identity Policy) | Guidelines (updated 2009)
GA7 #94 May 2003
Open, Closed and In Camera Meetings of the Board of Governors
(Board Meetings Policy) | Board Meeting Rules and Practices & Committee Meeting Rules and Practices (issued Feb 2019)
GA8 #93 Feb 2019
Curriculum Vitae and Publications Record
(CV Policy)
HR1 #51 Jun 2005
Leave to Take Political Office
(Political Leave Policy)
HR2 #50 Apr 2013 Apr 2013
Death Notices
(Death Notices Policy)
HR3 #39 Mar 1995
Leave Due to Illness of Members of Faculty
(Sick Leave Policy)
HR4 #62 Jun 2005
Vacations — Non-Union, Management and Professional Staff
(Vacations Policy)
HR5 #56 Jun 2005
Relocation of Faculty Members and Senior Management Staff
(Relocation Policy)
HR6 #82 Mar 2007 Dec 2017
Non-Performance of Work during a Legal Strike
(Strike Policy)
HR7 #64 Feb 2017
Study Leave (other than Faculty)
(Study Leave Policy)
HR8 #54 Jun 2005
Pre-Retirement Reduced Appointment Agreements for Staff
(Reduced Work Policy)
HR9 #49 Dec 2016 Dec 2016
Employment Equity
(Employment Equity Policy)
HR10 #2 Jun 2018
Advertising of Available Employment Positions
(Employment Advertising Policy)
HR11 #20 Jun 2017 Jun 2017
Total Compensation for Executive Officers, Management Officers, Service Unit Directors Excluded from AAPS, and Staff Members who are Excluded From or Not Represented by a Union or Association
(Non-Union Compensation Policy)
HR12 #31 Apr 2014 Apr 2014
Chair, Professorship and Distinguished Scholar Honorifics
(Honorifics Policy)
LR1 #47 Apr 2014 Apr 2014
(Research Policy)
LR2 #87 Apr 2016 Apr 2016
Research Grants as Part Payment During Study Leave
(Grants During Leave Policy)
LR3 #37 Jan 1994 Jan 1994
Consultation with Students about Tuition and Mandatory Fees
(Tuition Consultation Policy)
LR4 #71 Dec 2015 Dec 2015
Research Grants During Periods Other Than Study Leave
(Research Grants Policy)
LR5 #35 Jul 1995 Jul 1995
University Killam Professors
(Killam Professors Policy)
LR6 #57 Dec 2012 Dec 2012
Accommodation for Students with Disabilities (Joint Senate and Board Policy)
(Disability Accommodation Policy)
LR7 #73 Dec 2018 Dec 2018
Acceptance, Management and Sale of Technology Licensing Equity
(Technology Equity Policy)
LR8 #105 Nov 2000 Nov 2000
Research Involving Human Participants
(Human Research Policy)
LR9 #89 Jun 2012 Jun 2012
Access to the University of British Columbia
(Financial Aid Policy)
LR10 #72 Jun 2005 Jun 2005
Inventions and Discoveries
(Inventions Policy)
LR11 #88 Jun 2013 Mar 2015
Use of Teaching Materials in UBC Credit Courses
(Teaching Materials Policy) | Guidelines (issued Aug 12, 2016) 
LR12 #81 Apr 2015
Occupational and Research Health and Safety
(Health and Safety Policy) | Health & Safety Reference Charts (issued Dec 4, 2018)
SC1 #7 Dec 2018 Dec 2018
Smoking, Vaping, and Sale of Tobacco-Related Products on Campus
(Smoking/Vaping Policy)
SC2 #15 Feb 2019 Feb 2019
Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment
(COI Policy)
SC3 #97 Feb 2012 Feb 2012
Environmental Protection Compliance
(Environmental Protection Policy)
SC4 #6 Jun 2005 Jun 2005
Disruption of Classes/Services by Snow
(Snow Policy)
SC5 #68 Jun 2005 Jun 2005
Scholarly Integrity
(Scholarly Integrity Policy)
SC6 #85 Apr 2013 Jul 2015
(Discrimination Policy)
SC7 #3 Apr 2019 Apr 2019
(Investigations Policy) | Guidelines (issued Sep 20, 2017) 
SC8 #95 Jun 2017
Serving and Consumption of Alcohol at University Facilities and Events
(Alcohol Policy)
SC9 #13 Jun 2014 Aug 2015
Disaster Management
(Disaster Management Policy)
SC10 #8 Jun 2005 Aug 2013
Management of the Wireless Network
(Wireless Network Policy)
SC11 #130 Jan 2006
Student Safety Abroad
(Students Abroad Policy)
SC12 #69 Feb 2010 Feb 2010
Response to At-Risk Behaviour
(At-Risk Behaviour Policy)
SC13 #14 Jun 2011 Jun 2011
Acceptable Use and Security of UBC Electronic Information and Systems
(Information Systems Policy) | Information Security Standards (issued Aug 2014)
SC14 #104 Jun 2013
Internal Audit, Investigations, and Financial Whistleblower
(Financial Investigations Policy)
SC15 #111 Apr 2014 Apr 2014
Safety and Security Cameras
(Video Cameras Policy)
SC16 #118 Feb 2016 Feb 2016
Sexual Assault and Other Sexual Misconduct
(Sexual Misconduct Policy)
SC17 #131 Apr 2017 Apr 2017
Provision of Communication Services
(Communication Services Policy)
UP1 #99 Sep 2005
Charitable Appeals on Campus
(Charitable Appeals Policy) | Directive (issued Sep 23, 2010)
UP2 #100 Jan 1996
Disposal of Surplus Equipment and Materials
(Surplus Equipment Policy)
UP3 #108 Jan 1993 Jan 1993
Vending Machines on or in UBC Space
(Vending Machine Policy)
UP4 #101 Jun 2019 Jun 2019
Ownership and Use of UBC Equipment and UBC Support Services
(Equipment/Services Use Policy)
UP5 #16 Jun 2019 Jun 2019
Third-Party Use of University Trade-Marks
(Trade-Mark Policy)
UP6 #110 May 2003
Pest Control
(Pest Control Policy)
UP7 #12 Jun 2005 Jun 2005
Posting of Notices, Posters and Signs
(Signage Policy)
UP8 #120 Jun 2005
Booking and Rental of UBC Space
(Space Rental Policy)
UP9 #107 Feb 2015 Feb 2015
(Advertising Policy)
UP10 #112 Dec 1997 Dec 1997
Deaccession of Works of Art and/or Cultural Materials for the Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery, the University Library, and the Museum of Anthropology
(Deaccessioning Policy)
UP11 #128 May 2004 Jun 2005
Land Use, Permitting and Sustainability
(Land Use Policy) | Land Use Rules (updated 2009)
UP12 #92 Apr 2019 Apr 2019
EntertainmentExpenditure Guidelines (effective Oct 1, 2017) Approved Apr 18, 2019 for repeal but not yet in force until further notice #84 Jul 1993 May 2012
GiftsExpenditure Guidelines (effective Oct 1, 2017) #115 Jun 2005 Jun 2005
Travel Assistance for Graduate Students #79 Jun 1978
Travel Expenses — Recipients of Honorary Degrees #80 Jun 2005
Religious Holidays #65 May 1994 May 1994


Rules / Guidelines
Guidelines For Evaluating Land Acquisitions (January 2006)
Corporate Strategic Partnerships Guidelines Process (March 2007)
Land Use Rules (2009)
Issued and pursuant to Land Use Policy
Visual Identity Guidelines (2009)
Issued and pursuant to Visual Identity Policy
Conflict of Commitment – Guidelines for Specific Departments (April 2014)
UBC Traffic and Parking Rules (December 2, 2014)
Guidelines Issued Jointly by the Provost and Vice-President Academic (UBC Vancouver) and the Provost and Vice-Principal, Academic (UBC Okanagan) under Teaching Materials Policy (August 12, 2016)
Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest Guidelines for the Board of Governors (June 2017)
Guidelines for Responding to and Investigating Complaints (September 20, 2017)
Expenditure Guidelines (October 1, 2017)
Issued and pursuant to Business Expenses Policy, Policy #84 – Entertainment & Policy #115 – Gifts
UBC Board of Governors – Board Meeting Rules and Practices (Feb 2019) | Committee Meeting Rules and Practices (Feb 2019)


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