Terms of Use – IT Technical Spaces Security Camera System

These Terms of Use have been approved by the Director, Campus Security and the University Counsel under section 3 of Policy SC16 (Video Cameras Policy).

1. Overview

1.1.  System name: IT Technical Spaces Security Camera System

1.2.  System identifier: 24

1.3.  Camera operator: IT Connectivity Infrastructure, Vancouver Point Grey Campus

1.4.  Short description of system: Cameras are mounted inside select high-security IT technical rooms and spaces owned and operated by UBC IT and identified as having a potential security risk.

1.5.  Approval Date: September 8, 2016

2. Rationale

2.1.  The purpose/objective for installing these cameras: Cameras are intended as an intrusion deterrent and to provide a forensic investigation tool in the event of theft or intrusion incidents. In addition, the Help Desk Counter camera provides additional Safety & Security of on-duty IT staff while meeting public with IT enquiries. Cameras are part of IT’s broader security plan which also includes electrified Access Control Systems & Intruder Alarm Systems at all noted locations.

2.2.  The necessity for the use of cameras in this area: Cameras are necessary to assist in the protection of individuals, assets, and property, including personal information, and to prevent and investigate loss. Cameras monitor areas containing critical IT infrastructure having significant privacy requirements, and/or monetary value that are key to the business continuity of the University.

2.3.  What less privacy-intrusive alternatives to the use of cameras have been considered and why they have been rejected: Less privacy-intrusive alternatives may include having on-site IT staff presence or for IT Help Desk staff to remotely monitor and electronically control 24/7 person-locks (entry lobbies). Such solutions are cost prohibitive. For technical spaces, cameras provide post intrusion surveillance and, in the case of the University Data Centre, are a requirement of UBC Internal Audit and Compute Canada. Cameras and images are not actively monitored.

3. Scope

3.1.  Description of area(s) to be monitored and placement of cameras, including diagrams where feasible: Camera locations are in varied buildings throughout campus including Data Centre Rooms, Network Hub Rooms, Communications Rooms, the Klinck Building’s Main Shipping/receiving Room and at the ITSC Help Desk Counter.

3.2.  How many cameras will be installed: 25

3.3.  Whose activities will be viewed by these cameras (e.g. public, employees, students): With the exception of the publically accessible ITSC Help Desk Counter, surveilled areas are accessible only to UBC IT employees and UBC IT approved contractors & maintenance staff.

3.4.  What types of Camera Data will be captured (i.e. video, audio or both): Video only

3.5.  Any special capabilities of the system (e.g. zoom, facial recognition or night vision features): None

4. Privacy

4.1.  How the cameras have been positioned or configured to collect the minimum amount of personally identifiable information necessary to achieve the purpose of the collection: Cameras are positioned to observe door entries and/or in-room perimeter aisle/hall traffic areas.

4.2.  How individuals will be notified that they are entering an area that is being monitored: Signage will be placed near entrances to IT technical rooms and spaces being monitored.

4.3.  Whether and when the cameras will be monitored in real time: The cameras may be monitored in real time in the event of an intruder alarm.

4.4.  Whether and when recording of Camera Data will occur: Camera data will be recorded on a continuous basis.

5. Security of Camera Data

5.1.  The place where Camera Data will be received and/or monitored: Camera data will be viewable primarily from the Vancouver Campus IT offices, 6356 Agricultural Road. However, camera data is also viewable remotely by authorized UBC IT staff utilizing secured computers and secured network lines.

5.2.  Arrangements in place to protect against unauthorized viewing of the Camera Data: Recorded images can only be accessed by individuals authorized by UBC IT. Recorded camera data is protected by UBC firewall security, as well as password protection, and is only viewable using licensed camera software. Remote access to the recorded data is protected using encryption.

5.3.  How and where any recorded Camera Data will be stored: Camera data is recorded and archived on a dedicated and secure UBC VM server and SAN allocation.

5.4.  The protocol for accessing and viewing any recorded Camera Data: Recorded images can only be accessed by individuals authorized by UBC IT. Real time monitoring or recorded images would only be viewed and/or extracted in response to incident investigation. Approval to release recorded camera data to outside authorities, such as law enforcement, is subject to approval by the Senior Manager, IT; Network Infrastructure & Facilities, or his or her direct superior manager

5.5.  Technical and physical security arrangements in place to protect against unauthorized access or disclosure of any recorded Camera Data: Recorded images are password protected, firewall protected and secured by encryption if accessed remotely. Recorded camera data is accessed by authorized individuals only using licensed camera software. Servers are located in UBC Datacentres, which are protected in accordance with Information Security Standard #18 (Physical Security of UBC Datacentres).

5.6.  The protocol for logging access, use and disposal of any recorded Camera Data: Video Management Software audits usage and automatically deletes recorded images after no more than 30 days.

6. Legal Authority for Use of Camera System

6.1.  Authority under FIPPA: The University is authorized to collect personal information using this Camera System under section 26(c) of the British Columbia Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (“FIPPA”), i.e. the information relates directly to and is necessary for a program or activity of the University. The University is authorized to use this personal information under section 32(a) of the FIPPA, i.e. for one of the purposes set out in Policy SC16, or for a use consistent with one of those purposes.

6.2.  Other legal authority: N/A

7. Who to Contact for More Information

7.1.  Title: Senior Manager, IT; Network Infrastructure & Facilities

7.2.  Mailing address: 6356 Agricultural Road, Vancouver, BC, V6T 1Z2, (Mail Room 420)

7.3.  Telephone number: 604.822.8652

7.4.  Email address: mbob@mail.ubc.ca