Terms of Use – Student Housing & Community Services Camera System

These Terms of Use have been approved by the Director, Campus Security and the University Counsel under section 3 of Policy SC16 (Video Cameras Policy).

1. Overview

1.1.  System name: Student Housing & Community Services Camera System

1.2.  System identifier: 48

1.3.  Camera operator: Campus Security, Vancouver Campus

1.4.  Short description of system: This system consists of two camera usage types. Type A usage types are located at the Entries & Exits of residence buildings, and Type B usage types are located at Student Housing Front Desk areas. Both camera types are at the UBC Point Grey Campus.

1.5.  Approval Date: February 10, 2020

1.6.  Last Revision Date: August 4, 2021

2. Rationale

2.1.  The purpose/objective for installing these cameras: The camera system is intended to provide security enhancement, situational awareness, and be a part of safety and security incident investigations. The cameras are also to provide forensic value as part of investigations into residence standard violations.

2.2.  The necessity for the use of cameras in these areas:

Type A: Due to their secluded location and varying degrees of accessibility, year-round, these spaces have had safety and security related incidents. Further, unauthorized access, residence standard concerns, and thefts have been investigated in the past. These cameras can act as a deterrent to the above and aid in post incident investigations.

Type B: Spaces within Student Residence Front Desk areas contain items of value, duplicate keys, and private information. These are also work areas for the employees who provide customer service. As a result, the Front Desk cameras are used to not only watch those areas for Conferences & Accommodation (C&A) business purposes, but to aid should incidents of aggressive or antagonistic interactions occur with or against employees.

2.3.  What less privacy-intrusive alternatives to the use of cameras have been considered and why they have been rejected: Alternative measures to enhance security have included positioning items of value in restricted areas, increased staff rounds, a Campus Security Officer assigned to student residence, increased security awareness campaigns and residence standards programs. Continuous staff monitoring of the areas is also cost prohibitive and unnerving for patrons. The camera system, along with the other less privacy-intrusive solutions implemented, will form a more holistic security program.

3. Scope

3.1.  Description of area(s) to be monitored and placement of cameras, including diagrams where feasible:

Type A: Entry & Exit Cameras are located overlooking the building entry and egress points where most staff, students, customers, and the public often use.

Type B: Student Housing Front Desk cameras are located at the Front Desk areas where staff, students, customers and the public most often interact. The buildings are in the locations indicated on the following maps:

3.2.  How many cameras will be installed: Approximately 130

3.3.  Whose activities will be viewed by these cameras (e.g. public, employees, students): Members of the public, staff, residents, guests, and students may all potentially be viewed with these cameras.

3.4.  What types of Camera Data will be captured (i.e. video, audio or both): Video only

3.5.  Any special capabilities of the system (e.g. zoom, facial recognition or night vision features): Night Vision

4. Privacy

4.1.  How the cameras have been positioned or configured to collect the minimum amount of personally identifiable information necessary to achieve the purpose of the collection:

Type A: The cameras have been positioned so that they can only focus on activity directly in front of entry, and egress points. Type B: Have been positioned to view Front desk transaction areas.

4.2.  How individuals will be notified that they are entering an area that is being monitored: Signage will be placed at entry and egress points of the Type A locations. Signage will be placed as one approaches Type B coverage areas at Student Housing Front Desk’s. In addition, public notification will be provided through the University’s website.

4.3.  Whether and when the cameras will be monitored in real time:

Type A: Entry & Exit cameras will not be actively monitored. Recorded camera data will only be extracted and viewed for incident investigation purposes, and resident standard violations.

 Type B: Front desk cameras may be actively monitored by authorized C&A personnel, in relevant and active C&A areas, for the purposes of resource re-allocation.

4.4.  Whether and when recording of Camera Data will occur: The Camera Data will be recorded.

5. Security of Camera Data

5.1.  The place where Camera Data will be received and/or monitored: Vancouver Campus Security Office, 2133 East Mall.

5.2.  Arrangements in place to protect against unauthorized viewing of the Camera Data: Only specific computers assigned to authorized individuals are granted access to camera imagery. The Video Management Software and cameras are password protected.

5.3.  How and where any recorded Camera Data will be stored: Camera Data is recorded and archived on UBC servers, which are located in secure UBC data centres.

5.4.  The protocol for accessing and viewing any recorded Camera Data: Recorded images can only be accessed by authorized individuals with password protection. Recorded images would only be viewed and/or extracted in response to incident investigation and resident standard violations. Requests received to review the images are documented.

5.5.  Technical and physical security arrangements in place to protect against unauthorized access or disclosure of any recorded Camera Data: Recorded images are password protected and accessed only through specific machines by authorized individuals. Servers are located in University data centres, which are protected in accordance with Information Security Standard #18 (Physical Security of UBC Datacentres).

5.6.  The protocol for logging access, use and disposal of any recorded Camera Data: The Video Management Software used by the Camera Operator audits all usage. The software deletes recorded images automatically after no more than 30 days.

6. Legal Authority for Use of Camera System

6.1.  Authority under FIPPA: The University is authorized to collect personal information using this Camera System under section 26(c) of the British Columbia Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (“FIPPA”), i.e. the information relates directly to and is necessary for a program or activity of the University. The University is authorized to use this personal information under section 32(a) of the FIPPA, i.e. for one of the purposes set out in Policy SC16, or for a use consistent with one of those purposes.

6.2.  Other legal authority: n/a

7. Who to Contact for More Information

7.1.  Title: Director, Campus Security

7.2.  Mailing address: 2133 East Mall Vancouver, BC V6T VZ4

7.3.  Telephone number: 604 822 2222

7.4.  Email address: campus.security@ubc.ca