Research Policy (LR2)


Issued May 2022 by the Office of the University Counsel

The Office of the University Counsel has issued these Explanatory Notes to provide information regarding the Research Policy and any associated Procedures, Rules, or Guidelines. 
Pursuant to the Regulatory Framework Policy (GA2), the Policy and any associated Procedure and Rules set out requirements that must be adhered to by members of the UBC community. However, Guidelines are non-binding and are merely intended to provide guidance to the UBC community. Guidelines may include illustrative examples, best practices, or recommendations. Similarly, these Explanatory Notes are informational only and do not have any regulatory effect.
The Responsible Executive(s) have primary responsibility for the implementation and administration of the Policy and any associated Procedures and Rules. Any questions regarding implementation and administration should be directed to the Responsible Executive(s). Any questions regarding the interpretation of the Policy and any associated Procedures and Rules may be directed to the Office of the University Counsel.
(If you wish to link to the current version of the Research Policy or any associated Procedures, Rules, or Guidelines, please link to this page (i.e., these Explanatory Notes). This will always provide access to the most current version of those documents. Please do not make a copy of the documents themselves or their direct links, since they may change from time to time.)


Policy Short Title: Research Policy
Policy Long Title: Research
Policy Number: LR2

View the Research Policy and Related Documents:
Research Policy and Associated Procedures

Policy Date: July 2019
Procedures Date: September 2019

Responsible Executive(s): Vice-President, Research and Innovation

Responsible Board Committee: Learning & Research Committee

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