Board of Governors Policies, Procedures, Rules and Guidelines

All policies passed by the Board of Governors which are currently in effect are listed below. You can also view the policies listed by the major headings on the left under the “Board of Governors, Policies, Procedures, Rules, and Guidelines” tab.

The Board of Governors approved a new system for identification of the policies on June 13, 2019. This new system is reflected in the Index below. This new system categorizes the policies according to subject matter, uses a combination of letters and numerical digits to identify policies, with the letters indicating the subject matter of each policy, and creates a short title for each policy. The new system provides more information regarding the content of each policy to policy users and also encourages the use of short titles instead of policy numbers to refer to policies, with the objective being to place more emphasis on the content of the policy. This new subject matter categorization system provides information about the content of policies, allows for logical categorization of policies, and provides a stable numbering system.

The new numbering system contains seven categories with each policy number having two parts, as follows: part 1 is an alpha code composed of two letters indicating the policy category; and part 2 is a digit assigned to each policy in a specific category in chronological order based on the date the policy was created, from oldest to most recent. The policy categories are the following:

The new system does not result in any substantive changes to existing policies and the change in policy identification numbers does not result in any changes to the applicability of policies referred to in any documents by the previous numbers of such policies. However, the UBC community will be able to access policies by their previous numbers for at least five years to ensure that the community has sufficient time to familiarize itself with the new system. Further, the policy formatting has been slightly revised for consistency purposes and to reduce the explanatory information on the first page of each policy. Such explanatory information is now included in explanatory notes appended to each policy. If you have further questions, please contact the Office of the University Counsel at

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